Marion Michele

Skateboard Deck Mural

3 Deck Skate Murals


I've always wanted to do this!

A new way to hang your favorite art. Available in any image within my gallery.

Made with 100% Canadian Maple, this art piece will be a conversation piece in your office or home. 
3 Decks come together to form one graphic. 3x 8.0″ wide x 31.77″ long, 14″ wheelbase, Steep concave, Skateboard decks with Custom Bottom Prints. 
Standard skateboard shape made with 7 plys of premium, top dyed veneer, Canadian/American maple, cold pressed with Franklin Multisk glue; the ingredients that make a professional skateboard deck!
Mellow = approximate 19.25°nose and 18.5°tail with a deep center concave. Kick starts near truck holes. Custom bottom print in Hi-Def.

Skateboard Deck Mural
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